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Lay Staff Salaries: The Elephant in the Room

For many congregations, there’s a simple dollars-and-cents logic to the shift toward more lay staffing.  One pastor responding to my research survey put it this bluntly:  “Lay staff is cheaper than ordained staff.” For the “price” of one clergy person … Continue reading

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Laity are the People of God

I once heard a highly regarded clergy leader refer to a particular individual as “an M.Div. who is just a layperson.”  Even worse, I often hear laypersons describe themselves this way.  The regrettable tendency to qualify the word layperson with … Continue reading

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Called and Committed

As part of my research on lay professionals in United Methodist churches, I analyzed survey responses from more than 750 church staffers.  The survey posed the question:  “What motivated you to accept a church staff position?”  The desire to serve God was the top-ranked … Continue reading

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